Making money with your Drone!

If you’ve bought a drone and flown it, one of two things have happened by now. You’ve wrecked it nearly every time you’ve flown it and completely given up on flying one, in which case, you likely are not reading this post. But there are a few of us who wrecked and kept flying, we’ve honed our beginner skills to the max. You tried a few flips and crazy turns and wrecked again. But after a waiting a week for the postal guy to deliver more props, you were back at it! Congratulations!

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If you’re like me,  you were flying one day and though to yourself, “Can I make money with this some how?” At the time when I first looked into it, it was legal to make money with drones…but you literally had to hold a manned pilots license to be able to do it. For the guys that hold a manned pilots license today,  you simply have to take an online course and have a current flight review.

For the rest of us who don’t own private planes, we too can now fly drones commercially. It requires a safety course/test on the FAA’s website, followed by an Aircraft General Knowledge test which is to be taken in person at a IACRA or CATS testing center. After that you only have to retest every two years to keep current.

So what can you do with that new sUAS license?

If you’ve got the “mad skills” to fly high speed with the utmost precision, why don’t you become a drone racer? A 15 year old kid just won $250,000 at a championship drone race in Dubai recently! Just think of how much money you could make!

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 Not everyone has the skills to race drones or the money to replace busted parts every time they race. So what else could you do?

Shooting Real Estate and Commercial building progress photos could be a very good way to make money, in fact, I plan on doing this myself. Getting amazing shots from the air will really showcase a home and the land that it sits on. The same can be said for commercial building progress.

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You’ve never been good at lining up shots, you say? Well what else could there be? Well you could spend some extra money on getting a thermal imaging camera to slap on your drone and inspect pipelines, towers, or even better you could fly over crops and help determine their health! As long as you can get the entire field in view, that’s all you need!

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There are so many more options than the few I’ve listed. Maybe you can find a new and innovative way to use a drone to make money.

Even if you don’t want to make money flying a drone, or you think its too much of a hassle. You can still shoot pictures for yourself and share them with others. Maybe in an emergency situation you could help with search and rescue(provided you aren’t hindering manned aircraft from doing so). We live in an amazing time where technology is booming, and instead of fearing its quick progression, we should embrace and harness the many possibilities it has to offer!

[Image by Me at John Stiff Park]

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